Overview on Hypertension

 Overview on Hypertension
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Africa is the epicenter of hypertension worldwide: Over the past thirty years, very little progress has been made in detecting, treating, and controlling hypertension in Africa, with 93% uncontrolled and a prevalence of nearly 50% in adults.  There are currently limited effective strategies and resources for screening and controlling hypertension in Africa. The available strategies which have been adopted from the hypertension treatment guidelines from high-income countries are challenging to implement because of the limited resources and lack of an implementation ecosystem that engages all stakeholders.

Conference Objectives

By this conference together, we aim to:

1. Activate key stakeholders (commissioners, steering committee etc) for improved surveillance, prevention, treatment/acute care, and rehabilitation of those with hypertension complications across the life course through the implementation of the Integrated hypertension quadrangle approach to hypertension control and the proposed African Control of Hypertension through Innovative Epidemiology and a Vibrant Ecosystem (ACHIEVE) to implement HEARTS package

2. Develop and deploy pragmatic solutions through the contextualization of interventions tailored to navigate barriers and enhance facilitators to deliver maximum impactful hypertension control. This can be achieved by effective communication and active participation of all stakeholders in the implementation environment.

3. Co-create strategies for implementation of the ten key recommendations for accelerated hypertension control in Africa to circumvent the identified barriers and facilitate effective and efficient hypertension control in Africa through ACHIEVE.

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